“Lesha 2” and “Three Kingdoms 14” linkage martial general March 25 free launch

According to the official Weibo news of glorious tekumo games, the cooperative Martial Arts General of lesha's Alchemy workshop 2 ~ lost legend and secret goblin and "Three Kingdoms 14 with power enhanced version" will be online on March 25 (Thursday)! This time, the cooperative generals will also have the customized personality and inherent fighting methods for them, which will definitely help players to be active in the battlefield!

Other updates and DLC content details released on Thursday, March 25:

Free update: add the imaginary script “plan of two worlds” under the big strategy planned by Zhou Yu!

The background of the script “two worlds plan” is that Zhou Yu did not die after the war of Chibi and took the lead in the fictitious script of November 210 when Liu Bei entered Shu.

Plot: after zhouyu, who won the Chibi war, successfully captured the Jiangling, he blocked Liu Bei from Jingnan and defeated Liu Zhang by attacking Shu himself. He also swallowed Zhang Lu in Han Dynasty, and allied with the Mateng of Xiliang, surrounded Cao Cao. This is Zhou Yu’s plan of two worlds.

Free update: talent instruction “mediation” and “new personality editor” for mediating marriage, justice brothers and other relationships

“Mediation” is the function of the generals who can achieve certain conditions by spending money, the number of years of the official and loyalty. By forming new character relations, the general can produce new company in the battle and make his own power stronger. Each general can only marry one person, while the object of banning the relationship between brothers is at most two.

New personality editing can make a new personality by combining up to two individual effects, or by changing the effect value setting of existing personality. The new personality will be used to edit new generals and historical generals. Players will be able to create a martial general that suits their own preferences.

Free update: the “power integration, grand integration” and the new script setting items that can not be relaxed until the end

“Force integration” is a new element that other forces have taken place in order to confront the players’ forces. The two forces will be integrated into one force, and the number of soldiers and the experience of doctrine will be strengthened, thus increasing the threat to the players’ forces.

In addition, when the player forces grow, there will be a “grand integration” of multiple forces. The forces born through the unification will enhance the ranks of the forces and will be more likely to take place in the army company, and the enemy forces will be greatly strengthened. In addition, the forces after the unification may also cover the different nations to attack the players’ forces. Therefore, until the players unify the land of China, they can enjoy the experience of intense and impeccable play.

Both “power integration” and “grand integration” can choose “yes” or “None” in the newly added script setting after this update.

In addition, the script will also add the setting of mobile days that can reduce transactions and accelerate the mobility of transport forces, which will allow players to feel a more extensive way of playing beyond the past.

Free update: event editing function will be expanded and can display the inner intelligence of the general

For the function of event editing function which has been expanded successively from January, the new martial generals made by players will be used in event editing function in this month, and new functions such as “monarchy replacement” will be added to the result of event editing. This will allow players to edit events as they like. Event editing will continue to expand the related functions after April.

In addition, the internal related information indicating the influence on the general’s actions, including the intelligence of righteousness and belligerence, and whether the “Han Dynasty” of the emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty is attached importance will be added, and a total of 7 kinds of information related to the inner affairs of the general will be available.

Pay DLC: the combination of “Hebei Pingding war” and “Sun CE advance” event will be online

The event combination of “Hebei Pingding war”, “Sunce advance” and “water color painting style” of Wei Wu Shu Wu Wu Wu combined with CG face as the paid DLC included in season ticket 2.

The “Hebei Pingding war” is a play describing Cao Cao, Yuan Shang and Yuantan fighting for Hebei hegemony in August, 204.

Whether Cao Cao, who is powerful in fighting with talent and quick decision, or Yuanshang who has been assisted by Wuhuan to launch a counterattack, or lack of personnel and fighting power, the most urgent task is Yuantan who defends and serves the opportunity to counterattack. The three forces are in different situations, which can make the players enjoy the fun of fighting with three parties.

The event combination of “Sunce advance attack” will include five new events depicting the rise of Sunce, including “single selection of God Pavilion” and “Wang Lang escaping”.

The combination of CGS of the face of the Wu and Shu generals in Wei, Wu and Shu is DLC of the famous generals of Wei, Wu and Shu, which are depicted by the exquisite strokes of watercolor painting style. It contains 15 portraits that can be used freely.

The above content will be online on March 25 (Thursday). Please look forward to it!