Listen to the voice of the other side, the “precursor” strategy of the new copy of Destiny 2

With the launch of "destiny 2" Tianxuan season, "destiny 2" also ushered in a new exotic golden gun: The Legend of the dead scouting rifle. Now, you can go to the new place to challenge, and bring this exotic golden gun with both strength and beauty into your pocket!

Follow the map to unlock the mysterious signal from deep space

Listen to the voice of the other side, the

If you want to get a new exotic golden gun: The Legend of the dead scouting rifle, then this time fate 2 has prepared a variety of channels for you. You can go to sunset: severe strike, or get the pre mission in the attack of arms dealers in no man’s land in Europe, and get the prop “intercepted distress signal” in the copy after fighting to unlock the follow-up mission.

Listen to the voice of the other side, the

Next, you will go to commander vasala, turn on the other side of the voice, investigate the distress signal, and enter the alien mission in the upper left corner of the disputed Coast: challenge the copy of the precursor. After playing the ghost boss, you can go to the final area to steal the mission props from the guardian.

Listen to the voice of the other side, the

Finally, you will go back to commander vasala and get this random perk weapon with a firing speed of 120. The legend of the dead is that you can feel its surging strength in the battle!

Listen to the voice of the other side, the

A brief analysis of the achievements of solving puzzles, tracing, collecting copies and investigating

If you want to succeed in the replica collection survey, you need to pay attention to some special details in the replica, so as to reduce the difficulty of your replica and improve the clearance time.

After entering the copy, you can get a preliminary insight into the mystery contained in the copy by shooting the shining flowers and kabar’s body on the white wall. At the first electric wall, you scan the enchantment device to try to understand the current state of the dark ether in it. As you investigate the intact kabar spacecraft in the hangar, you will realize that the guardian seems to have a long and rich history with the emperor. Inside the second electric wall, you’ll find concentrated dark ether, similar to the garland room in the Royal bathroom, but lacking a life support system.

Finally, when you go to the final boss room, you will see the projection of Karus, understand the cause and effect of the story, and finally unlock the relevant achievements.

Details are the king, teamwork, solo choice

Alien mission copy: precursor, a copy that allows 1-3 people to form a team. The whole copy is divided into two layers, the lower layer is mainly the combat area, and the upper layer is the organ area. You can first press the boss’s HP to a lower value upstairs, and then send the boss downstairs to kill the little monster he summoned. Then, at the same time of killing, by looking for the three switches upstairs, turn on and extinguish the fire downstairs, so as to face the boss again. In this way, the boss will be killed successfully.

If your light level is high enough, you can try to fight alone. If the light level is not high enough, you can also use guerrilla tactics to slowly accumulate big moves and grind the boss’s total health to a relatively low value. As long as you don’t want to be greedy and pursue single player quick killing, it’s not difficult to brush this one.

Of course, if you are pursuing a more efficient cost-effective experience, you can also call on your friends to kill the boss through team cooperation.

After you successfully get the legend of the dead, you can go back to the copy to collect achievements, unlock the difficult copy, and brush the perk of the legend of the dead to make it more handy in your hands!

New copy of Destiny 2: foreboding is now open. Whether you are a single challenge or a team challenge, you can go to get your legend of the dead after receiving the mission. As time goes on, destiny 2 will also open a series of activities for you in the talent selection season, including trial field strike, iron flag, guardian game, etc. you can choose the corresponding activities to participate in according to your own needs, and win rich rewards while challenging yourself!