“Little nightmare 2” sold more than 1 million copies. Thank you for your support

The suspense horror adventure game "little nightmare 2" went on sale one month ago and was well received. Today (March 12), publisher Wandai nanmenggong announced that "little nightmare 2" has sold more than 1 million copies. "Little nightmare" series sales reached more than 5 million copies. This is an impressive milestone, "little nightmare 2" in just a month has achieved such excellent results, it is commendable!

Herve, senior vice president of Europe

“We are very proud of the success of little nightmare 2 and thank the players for their support,” hoerdt said. Currently, there are no plans to develop the new series of little nightmare, because tarsier

Studio will develop a new game IP. “

Despite some regrets, Herve hoerdt said that there will be new works in the little nightmare series, and it is not clear who will participate in the development of new works in the future.

Little nightmare 2 is tarsier

The thriller puzzle game developed by studio is a sequel to little nightmare. In the game, players will play the leading role of mano, and work together with Xiao Liu to overcome difficulties. The relationship between the two will become the key to the story, and may unlock new elements of the game.