“Lord of the rings: Gulu” may announce its first demonstration this month

Sneak game "Lord of the rings: Gulu" is now on sale in 2022, the specific date to be determined. According to foreign media gameradar, "Lord of the rings: Gollum" may announce its first demonstration at the future game show on March 25.

Daedalic entertainment, the publisher and developer of “Lord of the rings: Gollum”, has been confirmed as a pre show partner for future game shows, which also implies that those who watch daedalic booth in advance will be arranged to watch daedalic’s seven upcoming games, including the first live demo of “Lord of the rings: Gollum”.

“Lord of the rings: Gollum” is an action adventure stealth game. Players will start an evil journey as Gollum and pursue his only precious ring. The game will go on sale in 2022 on PC, PS4, ps5, Xbox one and Xbox series XS platforms.