“Maglam Lord”, a sequel to the spirit of d3p sword casting story, is on the market today

Today (March 18), d3p officially released the new trailer of "Magram Lord", a spiritual sequel to the tale of swords. This time, it shows the protagonist of the demon king, which has been put on sale on March 18, 2021.

New preview image:

Introduction to the game:

Demon king is an endangered species!? Never accept this fate! The demon king of endangered species, coupled with “wedding activity” blind date, is equal to the creation of action role-playing game by magic sword! It’s a completely new work created by the luxury creator lineup.

As long as you use simple operation, you can enjoy the battle full of speed! Beat down the mighty Warcraft, collect materials, and make a brand new Warcraft. As the protagonist of the blade demon, he will incarnate himself into the sword and fight side by side with his partner who uses the sword.

Maglam Lord, d3p’s spiritual sequel to sword casting, has been officially put on sale on March 18, 2021 and landed on the ps4switch platform.