Mars survival: new upgrade, new DLC, new development studio

After several years of silence, the sci-fi colonial construction game "surviving Mars" has returned to the player's view and will release a free upgrade on March 15.

At today’s launch of paradox insider 2021, publisher Paradox Interactive announced that the development of “survival on Mars” will be carried out by heimont

Mars survival: new upgrade, new DLC, new development studio

Games transferred to abstraction

In the hands of games. Abstract is a studio that has been dedicated to “supporting different projects like quality effects: legend.”.

To celebrate the transfer of development work, the development team will release the “tourism” upgrade, saying that it is “just the beginning” for the rebirth of survival on Mars. The manufacturer has released a new video to introduce the new content, but there are not many things in the video:

In the new content upgrade, tourists can evaluate their journey, and help players accumulate new rewards, funds and more tourists’ entry applications through the “holiday experience score” system. After the players complete the research of “smart home”, they can build hotels.

Players can also build a low gravity playground and provide Mars rovers for tourists to “visit the colonies to increase their satisfaction”.

The developer is also working with the famous mod author Silva to develop the dome building package, which will be paid content for $5. The value-added package will add a series of new buildings to the game, including new apartments, nurseries, safety buildings, hospitals and TV studio workshops.

Paradox revealed that after its launch, survival on Mars has gained five million players.

Survival on Mars has now joined the Xbox game pass, landed in epic game mall and opened a free collection activity this week. Later this year, a larger expansion film will be released.