“Marvel Avengers” players draw “Wanda vision” skin

The game of Marvel Avengers didn't start well. Many fans of Marvel are happy to start the game after the marvel movie feast, but a considerable number of players abandon the game when they start, and the players who stick to their positions are also waiting for the follow-up content updates promised by the developers. Now some players can't wait to draw their own skin for the Avengers based on the Scarlet Witch in Marvel's new play Wanda vision.

“Marvel Avengers” has launched a number of different role skin, in March 18 will be released in the “eagle eye” DLC will also have new skin on sale, but the skin image in the game and marvel movie universe character image is far from. This may be due to copyright issues leading to the game developer crystal

Dynamics can’t use the characters in Marvel movies, but if you recall that the skin of MCU appeared in 2016’s Marvel hero, the copyright should not be a big problem.

Anyway, players can’t wait. Byctor, a foreign forum user, envisioned the appearance of the Scarlet Witch in the new MCU play Wanda vision in the game of Marvel Avengers. Her face also adopted the image of Elizabeth Olsen in the play. In addition, the image restores Wanda Maximov’s signature cast magic effect in the film.

The developer of “Marvel Avengers” promises to bring up-to-date content updates for players for several years, so in theory, MCU Scarlet Witch is likely to appear in the game. But now the players are not so far away. They just hope that the developers can keep their promise, ensure the basic content update frequency, at least present the Hawkeye DLC as scheduled, and then consider the problem of linkage with MCU.

“Marvel Avengers” is now available on PC, PS4, stadia and Xbox one platforms, and will also be available on ps5 and Xbox series XS platforms on March 18.