“Marvel Avengers” to launch Panther expansion pack within the year

At the square Enix live event square Enix presents in the morning of March 19, the company released a trailer for the new expansion package "Panther" of the manway Avengers alliance, developed by crystal power.

“Manway Avengers alliance” Panther “expansion pack Trailer:

It is expected that the “Panther” expansion package of manway Avengers alliance, launched later in 2021, will join the new hostile forces “crow”, wakamda scenario, upgrade the upper limit, etc. according to the official statement, the “Panther” expansion package will be the largest expansion since the launch of the manway Avenger Alliance.

In addition to the Panther, crystal power is still being updated in the production of the manway Avengers alliance, which includes content after level 50.