Marvel congratulates “Avatar” on surpassing “Fu Lian 4”

Avatar premiered in China on March 12. At present, the domestic box office has exceeded 100 million yuan, totaling 1.44 billion yuan. Yesterday's "Avatar" box office has surpassed "Avengers 4", today (March 14) Marvel official micro blog tweeted congratulations on "Avatar" box office surpassing "Avengers 4", Cameron himself also forwarded.

After returning to the world box office champion, James Cameron devoted himself to bringing “Avatar 2” to uncover the secret. Here are the key points: first, the plot development. “Avatar 2” will not only satisfy the audience what they see in the first film, but also lead us into a new adventure Kingdom, including underwater world and Pandora’s surrounding planet, with different flora and fauna and social culture.

Marvel congratulates

The protagonists and heroines, as parents, will struggle between defending the planet and taking care of their families. Even their children want to be soldiers. In short, there will be more characters, more plots and more surprises.

Marvel congratulates

The second is technological development. There is no technology update in this remake, but it is planned to be implemented in a year and a half, hoping to introduce new technology when Avatar 2 is released.

Carson said he would use a high frame rate, but it would be different from the 48 frames in Peter Jackson’s hobbit. “We’ll use it where we need it.”.