Members suggested: appropriate restoration of TV play advertising

When the 2021 national two sessions are in progress, the National Committee members actively offer their opinions and suggestions. Among them, some members brought the proposal on the proper restoration of the advertising in TV plays.

Facing the situation that the provincial TV theater is losing money and cannot be carried on normally, and in turn affects the budget of buying drama and the production of fine products, member Lu huanbin puts forward three specific suggestions:

Members suggested: appropriate restoration of TV play advertising

First, it is suggested that each set of advertising should be opened for 1-1.5 minutes;

Second, open the soft advertising products with the nature of packaging in TV series properly;

Third, strictly control the content according to the standards of content review.

Therefore, the two problems of TV theater management and drama advertising management are considered.

Comments on Internet users:

The loss is not because there is no advertising, but content waste

It’s lonely to join in now

Some TV stations are not all in advertisements

The prohibition of TV series advertising should be back to 10 years ago. On November 28, 2011, the State Administration of radio and television issued supplementary provisions on the management of broadcasting of radio and television advertisements. It was decided that since January 1, 2012, when TV series is broadcast by all TV stations in China, no more advertisements shall be inserted in any form in the middle of each episode.

A spokesman for the State Administration of radio and television pointed out that TV series is one of the spiritual and cultural products deeply rooted in thousands of households and enjoyed by the people. Canceling the advertisement of every episode in the middle of TV series broadcast by TV station can effectively realize the integrity of each episode of TV series and the coherence of audience’s watching, conform to the interests and wishes of the masses, and better reflect the functions of public welfare cultural services of radio and television.

In 2015, it was reported that the TV Association published a book by the General Administration of radio, television and television, and put forward “some suggestions on strengthening the market work of TV series”, one of which was quite striking, namely, “resume TV series broadcasting advertising”.

At that time, some commentators pointed out that the crazy growth of Internet media has made TV media suffer from the impact. The second and third-line TV and ground channel generally have difficulties in operation and insufficient funds for film purchase.