Microsoft may launch a game release at the end of March to announce small game works

It is reported that Microsoft plans to hold a release event on March 26 to show some new works on Xbox platform.

Paul thurrott, a Microsoft reporter, said last month that Microsoft would hold a “new game” event on March 23.

Microsoft may launch a game release at the end of March to announce small game works

However, according to the news source of windows central, the event was postponed for three days.

Foreign media said they are “very confident” that the event will be held at the end of March, adding: “it may be a technology and platform oriented event, plus some small game releases, or something else.”

According to the report, the launch may include Xbox games to be released in 2021 and works to be released in the future.

Foreign media also tweeted: “no surprise, but April, may and June 2021 will be Microsoft’s big release months. Compared with the previous single large event, Microsoft now likes some small release activities to keep the heat up. “

In this week’s blog interview, Xbox project management director Jason Ronald answered a question about this year’s outlook. He said, “all the new games released this year have not been released yet.”

However, Xbox marketing director recently told players not to expect some “world premieres” or upcoming big games to be announced. This is an article about whether Xbox will release “Elden” at the end of March

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