“Mobile soldier up to: fierce combat mission 2” download 3 million commemorative video released

Not long ago, the download volume of the free game "mobile soldier up to: fierce combat task 2" on ps4ps5 platform exceeded 3 million. The official held a week-long celebration. Today, Wandai released a video again to commemorate this moment.

Official commemorative Video:

“Mobile soldier up to: fierce combat task 2” is basically free of charge. It has been launched on the PS4 platform since July 26, 2018, and the ps5 version was launched at the end of January this year, which has exceeded 3 million downloads.

The fiery battlefield will extend to the universe

Defeat enemy aircraft with MS and launch surprise attack with infantry See the war with your own eyes and roar with victory!

The 6-on-6 online multiplayer game “mobile warrior up to fierce combat task 2” (basically free) with comrades in arms can complete many battles and tasks, and the goal is to become an ace driver!