“Monster Hunter: Rise” Bailong night hunting video introduction hunting equipment

Today (March 23), kapukong released a new image of "Monster Hunter: Rise", which shows the hunting equipment of Bailong during his night trip. During the night trip of Bailong, the hunter can set the hunting equipment on the equipment platform.

Bailong night hunting equipment image:

Ride type: the equipment operated by the hunter himself

Automatic type: equipment that starts automatically according to conditions

Limited: set up a limited number of devices

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will set off a new trend for hunting. You can jump freely and gallop freely in the wild. A new monster that can bring unknown excitement and surprise. An unprecedented hunting experience awaits the hunters. The work is built with re engine and supports up to four people’s cooperation.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will be released on March 26, 2021, landing on switch platform, supporting simple and complex Chinese subtitles.