“Monster hunter rise” blame tiger dragon skill introduction, Beitong Zeus handle easy to resolve a key to kill the dragon

On March 12, demo, the second wave of action game "Monster Hunter: Rise" on switch platform, was officially released. In the new demo, kapukong has set up a new difficult task for the players, which is "crusading against the tiger dragon". Boss not only has a very high monster intensity, but also has a 15 minute time limit for the task itself, which is a very difficult challenge for the trial players.

In order to let you more smoothly complete the task of fighting against the tiger dragon, Xiao Bian sorted out the skills of boss tiger dragon.

The move of complaining tiger and dragon is as follows:

Tail fireball

Resentful tiger dragon is far away from the hunter. At the same time, it sends out several fireballs at the tail. When it is attacked, it will fight back immediately.


Grudge tiger dragon uses its forepaw to release a sweep on the ground in front of it, causing damage to the hunter and hitting him to fly. In the state of ghost fire, it will also cause explosion in the front area.

Back somersault

The dragon makes a backward somersault and throws its tail forward to deal damage to the hunter.


The dragon makes a strong bite forward, and the forward swing is very short.

Small jump ghost fire

The dragon makes a small jump and flicks its tail to sprinkle purple dust, which explodes after a short time.

Dive and tumble

The dragon makes a false action of falling to the ground, rolls backward and attacks the hunter with its front paw.

Ghost fire ray

Grudge tiger dragon aims at the hunter. After accumulating power for a short time, it emits a powerful ghost fire ray, which can be output by taking advantage of the opportunity.

Jump in the air and swing the tail

The Dragon leaped into the air and hit the hunter with its tail.

Ghost fire dust explosion

The Dragon released purple dust to its own diffusion direction, and the dust exploded after a short time.

Multi segment fireball

Grudge tiger dragon fires multiple fireballs at distant hunters.

Step back and shake the tail

The dragon makes a small backward jump and a tail flick attack.

Iron mountain

The Dragon roars and uses its shoulder to make a powerful dash.

Small jump ghost fire

The dragon makes a small jump and flicks its tail to sprinkle purple dust, which explodes after a short time.

Caudal spur

It takes a long time to prepare for the high-speed sprint attack on the hunter after using the tail gun to aim at the hunter.


The Dragon leaps into the air, stops for a short time, then dives towards the hunter and causes a large-scale explosion (bomber) on the ground. It can take advantage of the opportunity to output when it swings back for a long time.

Clap the ground

Resentment tiger dragon slaps its front paw at the front area of its body. When it is in ghost fire state, it will have purple range damage and slap its left paw and right paw respectively.

The ghost fire broke out

The Dragon itself caused a dust explosion, causing a lot of damage around itself.

The above is the skills of boss in the task of “crusading against the tiger dragon”. It has to be said that the overall crusade of the task is very difficult, and it also tests the players’ mastery of the timing of the move and their own weapon skills. Here you can recommend the elite handle of Beitong Zeus, which can help players quickly start the advanced moves of weapons.

For the “Monster Hunter” series of action games, players have very high requirements for the sense of attack. Beitong Zeus elite handle is the only elite handle on the switch platform. Its 0.7mm mechanical action key can switch the key cap freely, corresponding to the key position of the PCNs platform. The touch of the key is crisp and neat. At the same time, compared with other handles, it shortens the trigger speed by 35, and the hunter responds faster and slays the Dragon quickly.

Beitong Zeus elite handle is also equipped with powerful key macro function. When using Taidao, the common move “Juhe chop” needs to press RT and B (NS) keys at the same time after attacking. Once the key is not pressed in time, it will fail and become other actions, and miss the good opportunity of output. Beitong Zeus elite handle can be set up with the back key one key macro operation, to achieve fast special Na Dao to use efficient Ju he chop, so that the monster has no opportunity.

In combat, novice players often focus on observing the action of monsters and the timing of their own swords. They often forget the importance of using flying insects. Flying insects’ body is a magic skill to avoid the second wave of damage. The special flying insect kick of Taidao is a necessary skill to “ascend the dragon”. Beitong Zeus elite handle’s back key macro can turn these key combination skills into one click dodge and one click dragon climbing, which greatly reduces the players’ operating burden and makes the hunting process more handy.