“Monster Hunter: Rise” first batch of Hong Kong Edition Limited special edition announced: theme glass

Currently, kapcock officials have announced that the purchase of Hong Kong version of "Monster Hunter: Rise" limited switch real version game, or "Monster Hunter: Rise" switch host bundle suit, can have the opportunity to obtain the Monster Hunter: Rise theme glass, style with the machine, there are four styles. Officials say the first batch is limited and is sent to the end.

-The theme of this work is “blame tiger dragon”

-“Water art” and village receptionist “fire bud” of Shenhuo village assembly center

-Follow Gawker and AI Lu

-14 weapons Icon

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will set off a new trend for hunting. You can jump freely and gallop freely in the wild. A new monster that can bring unknown excitement and surprise. An unprecedented hunting experience awaits the hunters. The work is built with re engine and supports up to four people’s cooperation.

Monster Hunter: rise will land on the switch platform on March 26, 2021, supporting simple and complicated Chinese subtitles.