“Monster Hunter: Rise” media review decomposition ban m station average score 86

Monster Hunter: rise is due to be released on March 26, and media ratings are officially lifted. As of the time of the draft, m station has 23 media scores, with an average score of 86, and the big multimedia has given a good comment.

Voks: 100 points

Monster Hunter: rise is the best Monster Hunter game so far. It is a pleasant and enjoyable game. It combines the best elements and adds a series of new functions, monsters, game styles, etc. Monster Hunter: rise can make you indulge in months or even years. If you only play a Monster Hunter game in your life, then this one.

Silicon Nera: 90 points

Undoubtedly, Monster Hunter: rise is one of the best Monster Hunter games I have ever played. It can not only make novice players get on hand quickly, but also cater to the appetite of old players. Although some problems make it not perfect, it is really worth playing.

XGN: 85 points

Although the game’s collision mode is a bit disappointed, it successfully integrates the classic elements and new mechanism. Monster Hunter: rise also introduces interesting and strange weapon designs that allow players who miss monster Hunters: the world to experience these classics. Although some concessions have been made in the quality of the switch version, it does not prevent it from being a good game.

Ign 8 points:

Monster Hunter: Rise combines the classic elements of the series with the best improvements in the world of monster hunting, and it has many clever new mechanisms.

Other media scores:

Vandal: 92 points

Press start Australia: 90 points

Destructoid: 90 points

four Players.de : 87 points

Gamesbeat: 80 points

GamesRadar: 80 points

Eurogamer Italy: 80 points