“Monster Hunter: Rise” new battle demonstration: powerful dragon subduing with insect cudgel

Today (March 23), kapcock shared a new battle image of Monster Hunter: rising, showing the Dragon subduing skill of "insect stick", and a set of gorgeous combatant will bring great damage..

Monster Hunter: rise will set off a new trend for hunting, can jump freely and freely, and gallop four times as you like. A new monster that brings unknown excitement and surprise. Unprecedented hunting experience is waiting for hunters. The work is built with re engine, and supports up to four people cooperation.

Nintendo switch game Monster Hunter: rise will be available on March 26, 2021, offering Asian versions to support simplified Chinese subtitles.

¬∑The iron worm skill “dragon subduing” of “insect stick” can be used after replacing with the iron worm skill “returning to hunting insects”. It uses the flying insect to jump vertically, and launches a strong fall attack, with narrow attack range and concentrated power effect.

·Monster Hunter: rising new combat demonstration: