“Monster Hunter: Rise” shows photography details: adjustable camera, photos can be automatically classified

Today (March 10), kapukong shared a number of new pictures of the game "Monster Hunter: Rise", showing the details of the game. Players can adjust the camera lens and take memorable photos according to their own preferences.

According to the official information, “Monster Hunter: Rise” provides players with relatively perfect photo taking function. Players can remember hunting and daily life, take photos with game NPC and other players, and pose. When taking photos, players can adjust the zoom and composition, and the screen will also display the information of environmental organisms. Players can customize the shortcut of taking photos, and the camera is also very convenient to use.

The game provides a special photo preview page, where players can view photo details and mark their favorite photos. In addition, the game is also very intimate for players to provide automatic photo classification function.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will set off a new trend for hunting. You can jump freely and gallop freely in the wild. A new monster that can bring unknown excitement and surprise. An unprecedented hunting experience awaits the hunters. The work is built with re engine and supports up to four people’s cooperation.

NS game “Monster Hunter: Rise” will be on sale on March 26, 2021, providing Asian Version, supporting simple and complex Chinese subtitles. PC version will be officially launched in early 2022. Interested players can click here to view the Chinese official website.