“Monster Hunter: Rise” Shui Yun’s Hunting Guide collection shows the function of Hunter’s Cabin

Today (March 11), kapcock released a lot of new news about Monster Hunter: rising. At present, the official has displayed a collection of Hunting Guide produced by the reception member Shuiyun, and also released a functional image of Hunter cabin.

Function display image of Hunter Cabin:

By getting decorations from village facilities and talking to housekeeper, you can change some of the designs in your home. In addition, BGM of yanhuocun street, assembly hall, follower square and training field can be changed respectively.

Reception staff of the meeting: “Shuiyun”:

The twin sister of the village receptionist fire bud. Calm and calm, most of the time, they don’t change their face. She always completes her work in a bland and indifference, but at first glance it is cold, but it is solid and kind, and has the unexpected clumsy side.

Collection of Hunting Guide for Shuiyun:

The collection content produced by Shuiyun is lovely in the painting style and content. Interested players click here to view the relevant page.

The NS game Monster Hunter rise will be available on March 26, 2021, providing Asian versions to support simplified Chinese subtitles.