“Monster Hunter: Rise” theme ns host, pro handle appeared on the same day as the game

Today (January 27), Nintendo officially released more information about the NS console with the theme of "Monster Hunter: Rise". This time, it showed a sample screenshot of the console. Meanwhile, it confirmed that the console and the limited version of the theme NsPro handle will be launched on March 26, 2021 on the same day as the game of "Monster Hunter: Rise". The theme ns console will be sold for 38400 yen (excluding tax), and the theme NsPro handle will be on sale The price is 7480 yen (excluding tax).

“Monster Hunter: Rise” theme:

“Monster Hunter: Rise” theme NsPro handle:

The host combination includes specially designed Nintendo switch host and boxed version of “master Hunter rise” game software. On the back of the Nintendo switch, on the front of the base, and on the front and back of joy con, there are printed the theme monster “grudge tiger dragon” and the design and appearance showing the world outlook of “monster hunter rise”.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” theme ns host will be on March 26, 2021 and “Monster Hunter: Rise” game on the same day, the price of 38400 yen (excluding tax), interested players can click here to view the relevant announcement, you can also click here to view the Chinese announcement.