“Monster Hunter: Rise” trial task time exposure, bubble fox dragon is really difficult

Capcom's "Monster Hunter: Rise" is definitely one of the most concerned games for switch players in March. Although the trial version of this game launched in January has a limit on the number of times to play, it once overwhelmed Nintendo's servers because of its popularity. Recently, after the trial, Capcom officially released the statistics of the trial. Let's have a look.

Capcom has made public the utilization rate of weapons in the trial version of Monster Hunter: rise before. Taidao has become the “favorite” of new and old hunters with absolute advantage. In the game, the latest statistics released by director taifan yisete on social media show the completion of two tasks with different difficulties in the trial version.

According to yisetaifan’s public data, in the trial version of Monster Hunter: rise, the average time for players to pass the “sickle weasel Dragon King” is 11 minutes and 16 seconds, while the more difficult “bubble fox dragon” takes nearly twice as long, with an average clearance time of 21 minutes and 57 seconds.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will go on sale on March 26, and officials are expected to launch a second wave of trial games with different tasks before it goes on sale.