“Monster Hunter: Rise” two round test hot, Netease UU accelerator to help you fight against new monsters

The demo of the second round of Monster Hunter: rise test has been launched in the near future. In addition to the 14 weapons and actual combat tasks exposed, the new task of fighting the theme monster "blame tiger dragon" is added. However, due to the high enthusiasm of players and a large number of games, many players have encountered problems such as slow download and update package and poor quality of Internet. The small editor recommends that you use Netease UU accelerator to accelerate game download and game networking. With its industry leading acceleration technology, we can give full play to the bandwidth potential and help you download at full speed easily, and at the same time, make you more stable when online Fluent, will not cause cat car due to network problems. The following small edition will show you the details of the content of the two round test update.

The challenge of new monster “blame tiger dragon” is very difficult

As the cover monster of Monster Hunter: rising, the “hatred tiger dragon” is attracting the attention of players. The monster is covered with armor and releases a gas. After being attacked by this gas, hunters will fall into “abnormal state of ghost fire”. In this state, it will be impacted or after a period of time, explosion will cause a lot of damage, so the challenge is extremely difficult. In addition, this task also requires players to hunt with fixed equipment. This makes it more difficult. Players who want to feel stimulation should not miss this opportunity.

Free “experience edition special tour”

In addition to the exciting game experience, kapok official also gives all the players who participate in the test a welfare. As long as the player has the storage data in the two rounds of experience version test, then after the official version of the game is online, it can receive a “experience version special game”. The special classic includes recovery medicine, cave, ghost medicine and other practical props. We should pay attention not to delete the storage materials of the experience version, so as to avoid the special award.

Above is the new content of the trial version update. I believe that after two rounds of trial edition, the official version of Monster Hunter: rise will bring more surprises to players. However, when the NS is connected to the domestic naked, sometimes it may encounter problems such as slow download speed, no connection to the server, delayed button and other problems. If you want to enjoy better download and online experience, all the partners can use the Netease UU accelerator to speed up the game, so that you can play more refreshing.

Netease UU accelerator, with the industry leading acceleration technology, top IDC cluster and high-end blade service, can give full play to the potential of broadband, and help you download at full speed when downloading games, and update it more easily. At the same time, Netease UU accelerator also lays multiple direct connection nodes of external network, which can automatically match the best node according to the player’s network situation. The global special line is interconnected, so as to easily solve various online problems in the game of “Monster Hunter: Rising”. In addition, Netease UU accelerator also has the function of host mobile acceleration, which enables you to enjoy ns on your way out and commute, and enjoy the pleasure brought by hunting.