“Monster hunter Story 2: Wings of destruction” linkage special release: appearance of the protagonist in “the rise of Monster Hunter”

At present, kapukong has officially released the "monster hunter Story 2: Wings of destruction" linkage special. This linkage special is "Monster Hunter: Rise" protagonist appearance equipment. This work will be launched on NS and steam platforms on July 9, 2021 (V).

“Monster hunter stories 2: Wings of destruction” linkage feature: through the linkage with the saved data of “monster hunter rise”, you can obtain the protagonist’s appearance equipment “fire Costume”! The appearance of the protagonist will only change the appearance.

Introduction to the game:

“Monster hunter stores” is a RPG that allows players to incarnate as “monster knights” who can establish ties with monsters, cultivate monsters and coexist with monsters, visit various places, and experience the world of “Monster Hunter” through stories and tasks.

In the latest work “monster hunter stores 2”, in this world where all fire dragons have disappeared, the protagonist who inherits the blood relationship of the great Knight “intensity” and the Dragon Girl ina, who has been entrusted with the dragon egg, realize the fate of meeting, and the story around “wings of destruction” also begins.

Monster Hunter Tale 2: Wings of destruction will be launched on Nintendo switch and steam platforms on July 9, 2021 (Friday). Interested players can continue to pay attention.