“Monster Hunter: World” board game starts crowdfunding on April 20

"Monster Hunter: the world" by virtue of seamless hunting environment and better game screen and for multi platform sales has achieved the best sales results. Like other popular Capcom games, this book will also introduce adapted board games. According to foreign media reports, the price of different versions of board game version of Monster Hunter: the world has been determined. If you want to play all the content, the price is not cheap.

It is reported that the board game version of “Monster Hunter: the world” is designed and produced by steamforge, who created the board game version of “biochemical crisis 2” and “soul of darkness”, referring to the weapons and monster playing methods in the game. It will start crowdfunding in KickStarter from April 20 to 30.

Board game version of Monster Hunter: the world crowdfunding address: Click to enter

Like other crowdfunding projects, the board game version of “Monster Hunter: the world” will also set different prices, with a minimum of $70. It provides basic play, including four hunters and four monsters. The game process in campaign mode takes about 30 hours, but it has the value of repeated play.

In contrast, the $279 full version includes 1800 cards, super large steel dragon and other items that are not available in the entry-level version, and the length of the game flow in campaign mode can reach 75 hours.