Movie “Avatar” confirmed to be released in mainland China on March 12

Currently, the "Avatar" poster has been officially announced and confirmed to be re shown in mainland China on March 12, 2021, including imax3d and ordinary 3D format.



Avatar is an epic science fiction film released in 2009 (released in mainland China on January 2, 2010). It is written and directed by James Cameron. The main actors include Sam Worthington, Zoe soldana, Sigmund weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen long.


The movie was set in 2154, when humans were mining rare minerals on the ecologically prosperous Pandora satellite in the South Gate II star system. The expansion of the mining colonies threatened the survival of the local tribes of Na Americans: Na Americans are a perceptual and intelligent humanoid race native to Pandora. The title of the movie “Avatar” refers to the Na’vi body that has been genetically modified to be controlled by some human beings, who use them to communicate with the indigenous people on Pandora.

Avatar is confirmed to be premiered in mainland China on March 12, 2021. Interested players can pay attention to it.