Multi combat mode “beyond the world” weapon capability breakthrough

A new round of playtest has been launched on steam platform for the action dungeon adventure game "beyond the world". Interested players can apply for test qualification on the game store page. In the adventure process of beyond, players can control the protagonist to fight with different weapons. With the deepening of the battle, players' fighting ability will be improved completely. Now let's take a look.

Assorted weapons

Multi combat mode

In “beyond the world”, players can use different weapons to fight, and each weapon has a great difference in the way of fighting. For example, using a wrench can cause damage through high-frequency attacks, while a long sword can output at a safer distance, or you can choose to use a more violent hammer to enjoy more violent output.

Multi combat mode

In addition, the game also supports players to switch between close combat and long-range attack modes at any time in the process of fighting, so as to keep themselves out of the enemy’s attack distance and snipe the enemy through bows and arrows. There are also heavy weapons such as shotguns, which can dump massive bullets on the enemy at close range.

Multi combat mode

Magic core blessing battle mode evolution

Multi combat mode

Different weapons can bring totally different experience for fighting, and with the blessing of magic core, weapons can derive more different ways of fighting. For example, long sword can not only increase the number of consecutive moves, but also directly change into the way of sudden stab to attack more quickly. The long-range weapons also have a wealth of changes, such as bow and arrow ejection can hit multiple enemies in an instant, shotgun can be converted into Gatling to quickly output to the enemy. It can be said that the change of each weapon will bring more variables to the battle of the game.

Multi combat mode

The combination of different magic core effects can even produce unique chemical reactions, not only changing the fighting mode, but also comprehensively improving the damage and killing efficiency. For example, on the basis of bow and arrow ejection, the magic core of explosive arrow is added to transmit the explosion to the enemies in the whole field, so as to achieve the effect of clearing the field with more efficient means.

The power of the blessing of the witch is doubled

Under the blessing of all kinds of magic cores, the fighting mode of the game can be greatly changed, and the rich blessing of magic mother in the game can make the fighting ability brought by the magic core further gain more imagination. Fire, freezing, arrow rain pursuit and shadow separation are different in the output mode of each kind of blessing. After these blessings are superimposed with the magic core, they can enhance the power of damage in different ways.

Arona’s fire can continuously damage the enemy after stacking four layers. At this time, all enemies can be quickly ignited by the ejection of bow and arrow. In addition, there is the popular blessing of shadow avatar, which can quickly create avatars around the enemy and output to the enemy.

Limited amount of visa issued by China foreign fever

A variety of weapons, multiple ways of fighting, nearly a hundred combinations and combinations make the fighting of “beyond” colorful, but also make the next adventure full of more unknown possibilities.

Now the playtest of “beyond the world” has been officially opened. In order to obtain the limited foreign world visa issued by “beyond the world”, players only need to enter the steam store page, search “beyond the world” to enter the game page, and then “join ngigate” below

Click “request access rights” in the menu bar of “tower playtest” to activate the playtest of the game. As this test is limited, the test quota is limited, first come first served.