“My world: underground city” launched physical arcade game to support 4-person cooperation

Mojang has recently cooperated with play Mechanix to launch the physical arcade game minecraft dungeons arcade, which has been tested in parts of North America and will be released in more regions by the end of this year.

“My world: underground arcade” is still a four person cooperation. The game integrates the speed experience of arcade game on the original basis. Players need to survive as long as possible. In addition to the mobile key, players only have three buttons to operate: attack, long-range attack and dodge.

In addition, all kinds of weapons can still be collected in the game, but it is not the way of game archiving, but the use of physical cards to give weapons, pets, skin and items to their characters. Players will get a physical card every time they play the game. They can scan the physical card on the machine to get the corresponding props. A total of 60 physical cards are available for players to collect.