NASA signs security agreement with musk satellite chain

SpaceX plans to build a "satellite chain" composed of about 12000 satellites in space from 2019 to 2024 to provide Internet services. However, it is also a great danger to deploy so many satellites in Leo.

According to foreign media reports, in order to avoid the potential dangers of SpaceX’s numerous satellite chains and other space programs, NASA has signed a space flight safety agreement with SpaceX.

NASA signs security agreement with musk satellite chain

It is reported that the 13 page agreement focuses on the launch and trajectory information of NASA spacecraft, SpaceX satellite chain and other space missions, so as to avoid collision with many satellite chain.

NASA signs security agreement with musk satellite chain

According to the agreement, SpaceX’s satellite chain will be separated from NASA’s launch and operation orbit manually or automatically “from the perspective of collision avoidance”. Similarly, NASA also said that if there is a potential collision risk, it will not adjust the orbit of the satellite chain.

In addition, the agreement also requires SpaceX to inform NASA one week in advance if it has a new launch plan, so as to avoid some potential dangers. SpaceX also agreed that its satellites would not be within five kilometers of the international space station or other NASA spacecraft.

At present, SpaceX has launched more than 1200 satellite chains, and last year it put forward a new plan to add 30000 satellites, which means that its total number of satellites will increase from 12000 to 42000.

For such satellites, the international astronomical community has been concerned that a large number of Internet satellites may affect astronomical observations and have the risk of collision with spacecraft.

Because the ability of star chain satellites to reflect sunlight seems to be stronger than other satellites, while astronomical telescopes are relatively sensitive to light, which will greatly affect Astronomers’ observation of the universe.

Last year, some astronomers shared a picture of neowise’s comet crossing the northern hemisphere’s night sky, which was full of stripes. Astronomers said that the astronomy was caused by the satellites in the chain.