Nearly ten thousand praise! “Extreme speed: Horizon 4” landed in steam and won praise from players all over the world

On March 10, "extreme speed: Horizon 4" officially landed on steam platform and went online for a week. Both standard and ultimate versions of "extreme speed: Horizon 4" ranked among the top five in the sales list, and won the first place in steam's best-selling game recommendation list. As one of the hottest racing games in the world, "Horizon 4" has brought new choices for racing game lovers on steam platform. You can drive many dream luxury cars, enjoy island style and experience many interesting playing methods in the UK.

Super speed: Horizon 4 launched steam

Nearly ten thousand praise!

“Extreme speed: Horizon 4” has now officially landed on steam platform. On the day of its launch, steam recommended this racing game to all game lovers in the form of a large picture on its home page. In the past week, it has not only made brilliant achievements in the sales ranking, but also won 75 players’ praise. With the subsequent version of the update, as well as the continuous stability of the game performance, I believe that in the near future, the praise rate will continue to rise.

Nearly ten thousand praise!

Media praise, unique racing experience is here

Nearly ten thousand praise!

With the launch of the game, the game media on different platforms, including Logitech, gamersky and so on, have also conducted detailed evaluation and recommendation on steam.

Nearly ten thousand praise!

Taking the well-known KOL Japan prodigal son in the small black box of the game as an example, he shows the advantages of “extreme speed: Horizon 4” compared with traditional speed games from the perspectives of studio game development experience, game world outlook, road condition feedback, four seasons rotation, vehicle diversity and characteristic game modes.

The combination of these advantages makes extreme speed: Horizon 4 show you an open racing world: you can pursue extreme speed, relax, drive your luxury car for a romantic British tour, or indulge in refitting vehicles in your garage, so that they can show better performance in different seasons and road conditions; You can even experience the terminator mode and compete for the only championship with 71 other drivers.

Novice on the road, feel the infinite pleasure of roaming the horizon

Even in the eyes of speed game enthusiasts, they will get a new experience when they first contact “extreme speed: Horizon 4”. Although the game default real-time online from the beginning, but the game is not mandatory networking. As long as players start the game, they can directly see other online players on the map, drive, take photos and interact with them.

After entering the networking mode, you can also participate in forzathon

Live events. This activity allows up to 12 players to join at the same time. There are related activities in different places of the game every hour, allowing players to complete the corresponding challenges through teamwork.

You can also cross into another world by purchasing DLC such as Fortune Island and Lego, or experience the fun of treasure hunting or the wonderful experience of collision with LEGO cube by completing some simple challenge tasks.

In the process, you will find that “racing” is by no means the only fun of the game.

With the launch of “extreme speed: Horizon 4” on steam platform, countless racing game lovers have new choices. In the future, “extreme racing: Horizon 4” will also introduce more interesting content for you through game updates. You can follow station B and official microblog account @ extreme racing Forza at any time to get the latest information of the game and find your friends in the process!