“Neil: mechanical era” PC XGP added amd fidelity FX CAS and borderless mode

Neil: the mechanical age has now logged into Xbox game pass on the PC side, and players find that the version is different from that on steam.

XGP version is a “God-made” migration, bringing additional new features, such as support for AMD fidelityfx

CAS and a good borderless mode. In addition, the version seems to fix the problems that have been in place since the launch of the steam version of the game and have not been fixed.

Se officials have not officially responded to this, so it is unclear whether the new version of Neil: the mechanical age will eventually land in steam.

Neil: the mechanical age was transformed into a god version, which landed on Xbox one platform in 2018, including the ontology game and “3c3c1d1194440927” DLC.

About AMD fidelityfx CAS:

Amd fidelityfx is AMD’s open source image quality toolkit, which can be used by developers in games. Fidelityfx combines contrast adaptive sharpening (CAS)

Technology, in the game process to provide better visual effects. In addition, fidelityfx can automatically reduce system load and allow GPU to have more resources to release better visual effects.

Fidelityfx is actually a special effect group. Currently, there are five updates, namely CAS sharpening, SSSR spatial reflection, cacao ambient light shading, HDR

Mapper, and a downsampler. This is all special effects for saving resources in the game and can improve the performance of the screen

In fidelityfx system, CAS is the first to launch this special effect. Its principle is to sharpen the area with high contrast and low resolution, and enhance the details of the game. At present, it has been applied to more than 20 games to provide the enhancement of painting quality. It can provide better picture level under low performance cost. With the continuous update of this special effect group, the optimization level provided by fidelityfx will continue to improve.

The foundation of fidelityfx is upscaling, which is from low-resolution rendering to high resolution, which also involves some algorithms. Therefore, it is necessary for game manufacturers to adjust themselves, just like DLSS. CAS amplitude can be adjusted after upscaling, and it has better flexibility than DLSS

But the other four special effects as new ones, have not been widely used in the game, in the future should be able to support these effects of the game. Especially SSSR and cacao, the former can enhance the reflection effect by using spatial logic relationship, the latter can add ambient light shading quickly according to the physical model, and can improve the quality of game painting obviously.