“Neil: the camouflager” new notice and screenshot public, April 24 landing PC

The publisher square Enix and developer toylogic have released a new preview and a screenshot of Neil: camouflager. The game will log on PS4 and Xbox one on April 23, and steam on April 24, with the price of 359 yuan in the national area, which supports simplified Chinese. Xbox one only releases digital version, and steam version is 60 frames.

New trailer for Neil: the camouflager:

Steam shop address: I understand

About this game

A long-standing agreement. A thousand years of lies.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Is an enhanced version based on the Nier Replicant, which was released in April 2010, describing the release in february2017《 NieR:Automata 》The story of how the world in it forms.

The protagonist is a kind-hearted young man living in the border village. In order to save his sister “Yana”, who suffered from incurable “black text disease”, the mysterious book “white book” which was speaking at the meeting took a journey together to find the last hope of treating his sister – “sealed words”.

The story takes place in a very, very distant future.

Mankind is about to die.

The world is suffering from black diseases and

Threat of alien monsters.

A good boy,

Make an agreement with my younger sister.

It was a lie that spans thousands of years and is almost eternal.


Explore the truth behind the Nier world and learn about this imaginary and sour story.

Travel with unexpected companions in the world of disease and evil.

Re record the most attractive and iconic gameplay.

With unique performance of various weapons with powerful magic, and terror of the enemy.

The power of spells comes from the magic, skills, and weapons that define the character.

Video screen: