“Neil: the mechanical era” steam edition suffered from bad reviews, players asked se to patch

On March 18, Neil: the mechanical age launched game pass on Windows mall and PC, but adopted a version different from steam. This version is Xbox

The transplanted version of “Chengshen version” on one does not have any problems with the “annual version” launched on steam.

The steam edition of Neil: the mechanical age has not released any patches since it was released. It can only be repaired by a mod tool called far. At that time, the players felt very disappointed, but now se has launched a new version, which has no resolution problem, no Caton, and no crash problem, which makes the steam players who have bought angry.

At present, there is a post on the steam forum page, calling on players to comment on “Neil: the mechanical age” until se officially fixes all problems. As a result, from March 18 to 20, the steam edition of Neil: the mechanical age was bombed by bad reviews. In the past three days, the game has received more than 300 bad reviews, leading to the game’s evaluation from “special praise” to “mostly praise”.

It’s worth mentioning that game

The evil spirit possessed version of passwindows mall is also different from steam’s version. It adds the first person mode, but the players don’t care much about the game, so far there is only one bad comment.

Neil: the Mechanical Age