Neil: we have some cool games we can’t wait to share

Neil druckmann, vice president of naughty dog, said that naughty dog has some works under development, and they can't wait to share them with you.

Recently, Neil tweeted this on twitter, but he didn’t disclose which games the naughty dog prepared.

Neil: we have some cool games we can't wait to share

“If you @ me, ask a future project, I can’t say anything,” he said. Please be patient. We have so many cool things that we can’t wait to share with you. Once we can make it public, we’ll make it public. “

Neil: we have some cool games we can't wait to share

Recent rumors and job ads point out that mischievous dog is developing a game that has not yet been released. The details are unknown.

Last September, Neil said the last survivor 2 Multiplayer faction was worth the wait, which may mean that the naughty dog may still be developing multiplayer for the game. In addition, the ps5 version of the game is said to be under development.

Last survivor 2, released last year on the PS4, became the most award-winning video game in history, beating the cdpr’s wizard 3: Hunt.

For naughty dogs, what do you want to see, a new IP, or something related to the mysteries of the sea or the last survivor series