Neowiz releases new DLC “promised land” of adventure

-The new DLC Adventure: the promised land is composed of two new scripts

-Through the improvement of the system, the overall strategy of the game is improved

Neowiz releases new DLC

-Body 45, the price of dlc10 is on sale

The new DLC “promised land” includes two new scripts. The first kind of “Assassin cruise” focuses on occupying the whole territory of France. Players can experience the story of elite assassins and the civil war of the canary. The second “Kingdom of Chanel” is the story of Saladin of ayubi Dynasty, which tells the war process with the new kingdom of Jerusalem and the content of occupying and reconstructing the kingdom of Jerusalem after the war.

In addition to the new script, the game system has also been added and improved. The new content is “alliance war”. Players can fight in the alliance place through “alliance war” and participate in attack and defense. At the same time, the “chess” system, which can influence the ruling of the kingdom through the choice of blessing and test, has also been improved here. Blessing can become a test according to a certain probability, and the test will disappear after a certain time.

Finally, “promised land” DLC has added two new forces. From then on, players can experience the special forces directly under the kingdom of England “near guard of the Canary” and the upgraded version of the existing assassin group “elite Assassin”.

The new DLC of adventure is on sale at a discount rate of 10. Players can also buy the main body at a discount rate of 45. This offer is up to March 18.