Netease 3A game “Code: Twilight of gods” interview mobile phone is the primary platform

Recently, wccf interviewed the senior producer Ye Qian, a senior producer of Netease 3a, code: dusk of gods, to learn more about the work.

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Netease 3A game

The following is the arrangement of interview points:

Netease 3A game

The entire development team is currently over 60 people, and the game will be sold simultaneously globally, but different countries and regions will be determined by local conditions

This is a sandbox strategy MMORPG game, which allows players to explore the world freely, whether they enjoy hunting giants, collecting resources or socializing with other players, and players can enjoy the world according to their own needs. Games will have basic MMO systems, including guild, business and other functions, to encourage social interaction between players and other players

The goal is to support 40-50 people to play at the same time

There will be copies, both entertaining and challenging, and it requires good team cooperation to make copies because the replica design takes into account a variety of mechanisms, testing the leadership and organizational power of the replica team, and the team leader must assign personnel to play around the mechanism, and give priority to saving others

Each level of single dungeon is randomly generated. Besides the main goal of each level, there are also random factors to provide unique experience. At the same time, players will get one-off buf and items to help them complete the task.

There is no traditional professional system in the game, and the player will play the female warrior. Besides the default male female surname female warrior, the player can also collect and play “elite warrior” of different races

In addition to traditional character upgrades, skill upgrades and brush gear, the game will have a new system where players can collect artifacts to strengthen their attributes and skills

There are housing system plans, but may be added later, and it is not a priority at this time

Virtualization 4 development, upgrade illusions 5 can lead to delays and unpredictable problems

Mobile phone terminal is the current primary platform. The final code: dusk of gods will support the cross platform online of mobile PC host

The game adopts free mode, but there will be internal purchase, which will not affect the economic balance of the game, and ensure that each player has a pleasant experience

Later this year, we will hold a small-scale B-test