“Network wonder: Remaking” and “legendary forest” will support DLSS

Both web geeks: Remaking and legendary forest will officially support DLSS technology, nvida announced. In addition, the NV team shared charts showing the performance improvements that DLSS has brought to these games.

Chobauer, founder of cyberpunch studies, said:

“Based on the virtual 4 plug-in, NVIDIA

DLSS is not hard to implement when added to the legendary forest, and it has a huge impact on performance. It opens up a new DLSS world for developers. “

“The virtual 4 plug-in can easily add NVIDIA DLSS to your game, and we have actually added it over the weekend,” said Matthew Kennedy, chief engineer at night five studies. Bringing “cyber Geek: Remaking” to a new generation of players has been our team’s job, and NVIDIA DLSS’s impact on player experience is undeniable. “