“New century evangelist” animated film box office broke 4.9 billion yen, will reach the highest record in the series

On March 22, today, Dongying released the latest box office of the animated film "new century evangelist: the new theater version: the end". It's just two weeks since it was released on March 8. At present, the total box office is 4.937.9680 billion yen, which is just around the corner from the highest box office record of the series of 5.3 billion yen.

·”The new century evangelical warrior new theater Edition: the end” is directed by Asano Xiuming and produced by Khara studio. It is the fourth part of the four series of the new theater edition of evangelical warrior based on the reconstruction of “the new century evangelical warrior”. The story takes place in the red and deserted Paris. Wille, with Wunder as the center, sends an operator led by Luzi to try to carry out the restoration work.

·”New century evangelist: new theater version: the end” was released two weeks ago, a total of 3222873 people flocked to the cinema, with a total box office of 4.937.9680 billion yen. At present, the highest box office record of EVA series animated films is 5.3 billion yen of “new century evangelist: Q”. Judging from this growth rate, it is just around the corner to reach the highest box office record of the series.