New information of aura: infinite: the influence of the day and night cycle and dynamic weather

Recently, 343 industries, the developer of Halo: infinity, held a Q & A activity to introduce zeta

Many new details of halo scenes, including the effect of day and night alternation on players’ encounter with enemies.

New information of aura: infinite: the influence of the day and night cycle and dynamic weather

In the Q & a session, some players ask how the response of the enemy will be affected at different times of the day, or whether the number and type of the enemy will be affected.

John, chief world Designer

Mulkey said: “when players travel through the world in a darker time, they will see more phantoms patrolling like searchlights. It’s very cool and makes players feel a strange element.”

“Players will also encounter shield jackals. When they open the shield in the dark, the effect is very cool. It’s really fun to fight them in this kind of scene. “

“We put a lot of coils and things like that, because they glow, and it’s great in the dark. Plus enemies with individual shields. These are the things that players encounter in the dark area at night

Other information released in the video is as follows:

·This work has dynamic weather, wind and fog weather system. In addition, it may be updated to add storm and snowstorm after release.

·Zeta halo halo is a full 3D rendering, with a brief eclipse as the sun passes behind.

·Weapons can’t be upgraded, because the development team thinks that this will make the game not like “halo” should be, but some equipment can be upgraded.

·This open world is inspired by the “silent cartographer” mission of halo. Players can choose the way to enter each mission and decide which weapons and vehicles to use.

·Some players asked if the open world meant that players could grab a banshee fighter and fly directly to the target after the three missions of the plot. The answer was “go ahead.”.

·There will be audio logs in the game to provide background information of previous battles.

·There is no “traditional” cut scene animation, which is all engine real-time calculation, and the perspective will be drawn to the sergeant’s head for presentation, which means that the details such as the time period and the weapon in hand are accurate.

Halo: infinity is scheduled to go on sale this year.