New Internet consumption is all over the “pit” how to avoid experts’ advice to see the typical

In the past, e-commerce has a treasure and East. With the rapid development of live broadcasting industry, more and more new forms of e-commerce are emerging. However, problems have come. Various kinds of "pits" are everywhere. It has made the young generation who are willing to accept the advanced consumption suffer from hardships, and together, they have solved how to avoid the current new type of Internet consumption "pit".

The down quilt with a cargo order of 299 yuan was taken directly, and the cashmere content was only 4.4; the experience price of short video marketing was 19.9 yuan, while the unit price was directly driven by RMB 10000; the “one key loan” of the online used car transaction was difficult to resolve Of the ten typical problems of 2020 consumer complaints recently released by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee, more than half of the cases are related to the new consumption rights protection of the Internet. The new consumption of Internet has driven economic growth, but it also brings about many hidden dangers of consumption. What kind of “pits” should be paid attention to in the new consumption of Internet, and how to solve the problem of supervision?

New Internet consumption is all over the

Typical 1: why does live delivery “roll over” frequently?

New Internet consumption is all over the

In recent years, the live goods industry has been booming. The hosts of each live broadcast have been selling products in a flurry way. The price given is often “price of breaking through the floor”, which is tempting. But is the live delivery really cheap and beautiful? The Consumer Protection Committee of the city has simulated consumers buying a 299 yuan pink “flat down quilt” on the fast track platform “Kwai Mi Jia home textile” live broadcast. The anchor claimed that the quilt was “eiderdown, every bit of velvet”. But after testing by the third party inspection agency, it found that the down weight of the feather quilt was only 4.4, which was not in conformity with the relevant national standards for the definition of duvet.

So, if we encounter the live delivery “rollover”, who should consumers look for to protect their rights? The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Committee on consumer protection explains that, in accordance with the principle of “who sells and who is responsible”, the consumer has the right to ask the seller for after-sale treatment according to the relevant provisions of the consumer rights and interests protection law. Consumers shall timely screenshots and keep the publicity information, publicity commitment, chat records, shopping records, etc. of the business so as to timely complain to relevant departments or the Consumer Protection Committee for rights protection in case of any problem.

With the rapid development of the live delivery industry, the relevant specifications have been followed up quickly. In June last year, China Advertising Association issued the code of conduct for online broadcast marketing; in November, the State Administration of marketing Supervision issued the guidance on strengthening the supervision of online broadcast marketing activities, which further helped the healthy and orderly development of new formats of live broadcast and cargo marketing.

Typical 2: short video platform has low price “routine”

Short video platform has become one of the important channels for consumers to browse information and purchase services, but there are many “routines”. In December last year, two college students Miss Li and miss Jing complained that they saw the experience activity of 19.9 yuan of “Yanyu oriental ancient costume photography” through a short video platform. However, after enrollment, the staff of the film building set up a lot of “routines”, constantly induced upgrading services, even made loans for her operation. Finally, the service fee exceeded 20000 yuan.

The Municipal Committee of Consumer Protection said that some businesses often take the name of low-cost experience as the name, attract consumers to order with the help of popular short video and other promotion channels, but induce consumers to increase prices and upgrade in the process of providing services, even limit and mislead consumers to make consumption decisions not based on their true meaning, which seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It is suggested that the relevant short video platform should be based on Strictly review the advertising entry businesses, and set up convenient consumer feedback channels to clean up illegal businesses regularly.

Typical 3: it is easy to cancel the loan on the second-hand vehicle platform

When consumers buy cars on the second-hand vehicle trading platform, many platforms will actively provide loan services to promote transactions, but “one key loan” is easy, but it is difficult to cancel mortgage.

The Municipal Committee of consumer protection believes that the loan purchase of vehicles on the used vehicle trading platform involves the removal of mortgage and other necessary follow-up services. Once the platform is delayed in fulfilling its responsibilities and the absence of after-sales service, the risk of property loss of consumers will be increased. In addition, before some platforms sign electronic contracts with consumers, they often fail to fulfill corresponding prompt and notification obligations. In case of consumer disputes, delay buck passing and refusing to bear relevant responsibilities, seriously infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The municipal Consumer Protection Commission also reminds consumers that online loans to buy used cars should be particularly cautious, must understand the details, see the contract rules before payment, and timely save electronic contracts for rights protection.

Expert opinion

The platform should implement the main responsibility to ensure the consumers

Whether live goods, online second-hand car trading or short video marketing, the above typical cases belong to the new form of Internet consumption and a new field of consumer rights protection.

In Tang Jiansheng, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Committee of consumer protection, although the business logic of these new Internet consumption is different, the characteristics are similar, which are all disputes caused by “passive marketing information asymmetry”, which presents three characteristics. One is that the consumers are not familiar with the actual providers of services due to the recommendation of platform or host; the second is that the consumers are not familiar with the products purchased due to passive marketing; third, because the information is not accessible, the consumers are not familiar with the connection relationship of derivative services such as finance, and these three “unfamiliar” are easy to let consumers fall into passive.

For such new consumption, where is the way out of the right to protect consumption? Tang Jiansheng believes that the first point of reaching consumers is the platform. Therefore, the platform should first implement the main responsibility, on the one hand, it should promote benign competition and on the other hand, it should be good for consumers. He believes that if the goods or services purchased by consumers are provided through Internet platforms or charged with relevant fees, the platform should bear the responsibility of making compensation to consumers in advance.