New patent application for mobile TV: invite friends to join the war to get rewards

Online multiplayer game developers have been studying how to optimize the game hall and matching system algorithm. Sometimes, after the matching mechanism puts different players together, it will cause everyone's dissatisfaction. For example, the matching mechanism of call of duty has been criticized. Recently, Activision has registered a new patent to study a new way for players to join the multiplayer game hall.

Although the specific pattern of team formation and match opponents is still a secret, according to the patent documents, developers have been trying to rebuild the online game hall. EA, for example, recently submitted a patent on the matching system, trying to explain how players contribute to “improving the quality of the game” before joining a specific game hall.

New patent application for mobile TV: invite friends to join the war to get rewards

Activision’s new system aims to encourage players to invite friends to join the game. The system rewards players who invite friends or members of social groups to join the game. The system will reward the first player who invites friends to join the game, and then the second player who invites friends will get less reward.

This will decrease the reward according to the order in which players invite friends. Rewards can be in the form of promotional products, such as skin, so that players can get a little decoration without affecting the balance of the game.

The patent even discusses how to present the invitation interface to better encourage players to invite friends. I wonder if this system will be applied in mobile video games in the future.