New patent of ps5 VR device: it can predict player’s eye movement in advance

VR games have fallen significantly in heat compared to peak times. Sony launched PSVR products on the PS4 platform in 2016. Sony is still interested in launching next generation VR devices, and the addition of a new technology can even allow PSVR devices to predict eye movement of players.

Recently, Sony announced the ps5

New patent of ps5 VR device: it can predict player's eye movement in advance

VR headwear devices will support the latest hosts natively. Unlike the complex connection process of the headwear device, the next generation VR device can connect to the ps5 host with only one cable. In addition, the new VR controller is already in development, and will use the same technology as the dualsense handle in part. PS5

VR will not be available in 2021, and Sony plans to enhance its resolution to vision to tracking and input on the product.

Sony recently filed a new patent showing the company’s planned upgrade on the next generation PSVR. The patent is mainly about a technology that tracks the eye movement of users to enhance the rendering of VR devices.

The device’s built-in tracking system can monitor the eye movement of the player, and even predict the position the player will look at next, rendering the position at the fastest speed.

In the field of virtual reality, the whole scene will not render at the same level at the same time, especially for some very complex scenes, the pursuit of maximum resolution will eat too many functions, which will affect stability. Some areas are rendered at low resolution, and it may take a little time to render to the correct resolution if the player suddenly looks at a different area until the player pays attention to the area. If Sony patent comes into effect, players can get a smoother visual experience.