New poster of “real fight” movie released

Today (March 16) the battle game adaptation film "real life fast play" released high-definition new posters, many characters appear despicably. The film will sell out bloody, with stunning battles and deadly scenes.

The movie “real life fast play” is directed by Simon McQueen, director of Australian advertising film, and supervised by wenzilin. Linludi plays Liu Kang, Shaolin monk, Huang Meiqing as Shaolin monk empty man, huangjinghan as chongchong, Asano Zhongxin as lightning, shinigawa as Scorpio, Lewis tan as a new character Cole

New poster of

Young), Joe Taslim as absolute zero, Australian star sisi

New poster of

Stringe as Mileena, mccardbrooks as special soldier Jackson jaxburgs, Jessica mcnamy as Sonya blade

Blade, Josh Rosen as Kano.

The movie “real man fast hit” is adapted according to the game of the same name born in 1992. It tells the comprehensive fighter Cole Yang was accused of bribe taking and deliberately losing. But he didn’t know his life, and why the emperor shangzong of the world wanted to send his chief soldiers to hunt him absolutely zero in fear of family safety. He went to the temple of ancient god lightning Seeking shelter, he trains with veteran soldiers Liu Kang, air man and fierce mercenary Cano, ready to join hands with the world’s strongest champion to launch a high-risk campaign for the universe and stand side by side against the enemies of the outside world.

The reality fast hit will be released in Taiwan, China on April 8, and on April 16 on the European and American cinema lines, and will simultaneously log on to HBO Max platform.