New poster of “real fight” released in Europe and America on April 16

Warner Brothers film industry produces and adapts the latest real person movie "real person fast hit" series of classic fighting games, and releases new posters, which will be released on April 16 in the European and American cinema lines, and will be simultaneously released in HBO

Max streaming platform. The film will be released in Taiwan, China, on April 8.

New poster of

“Real life fast play” is directed by Simon McQueen, the director of Australian advertising film, and supervised by wenzilin. It is definitely a new hot blood adventure film to be seen this year.

New poster of

The real life fast hit series launched the real-life movie “the Empire of the devil Palace” in 1995. 26 years later, the new restart of “real life fast” also continues the style of bloody violence.

The movie story of “real man fast play”

“Koryang”, a comprehensive combat player, was accused of deliberately losing bribes. He did not know his life, and why the emperor of the “outside world” was sending his chief soldiers to hunt him. The soldier “absolute zero” was a super detached cryomagicer. Cole was worried about his family’s safety, so he went down to “Sonia” at the guidance of “Jax”. Jax is a major in the special forces, with the same dragon mark as Cole’s birthmark. Cole soon came to the temple of lightning, an ancient god, who was responsible for guarding the “earthrealm”, who would protect people with dragon marks. Cole is here training with veteran soldiers Liu Kang, empty man and strong mercenary Ghana. He is ready to join hands with the world’s strongest champion to launch a high-risk campaign for the universe and stand side by side against the enemies of the outside world. But Cole will be inspired to unlock Arcana, the power of his heart, save his family in time and stop the outside world from now on

The reality fast actor, official said, came from the film, television and fighting fields, including Lewis Tan (death waiter 2, Netflix film series “five line assassins”) as Cole

Young; Jessica mcnano (giant toothed shark) as the blade Sonya

Blade; jashlawson (heavy news) as Kano, Asano (Midway Island) as Lord

Raiden; mccardbrooks (super girl) as Jackson “Jax” bridges; Lynette as Liu

Kang; plus Huang Jinghan (skyscraper) as Shang

Tsung; jotaslim (StarCraft: immensity) as Bi Han and sub zero, and Hiroshima as Hanzo

Hasashi and scorpion.