New round of play at home

In order to meet the needs of isolated games at home abroad, Sony interactive entertainment launched a free game playing activity called "play at home" in April 2020, and presented PS4 game "Ricky and Dingdang" in early March this year. According to the official news, a new round of free games will be launched on March 26, adding a variety of games, including horizon: Dawn of zero.

From March 26 to April 23, players can get nine new free games on PSN, which are:

New round of play at home


New round of play at home

March into the dungeon (PS4)

Lifting the ban: Infinity (ps4ps VR)

Deep sea trek (PS4)

Witness (PS4)

Space robot: rescue mission (PS VR)

《Moss》(PS VR)

《Thumper》(PS VR)

《Paper Beast》(PS VR)

In addition, as a game masterpiece released on PS4 platform in 2017, “Horizon: Dawn of zero” will provide free play from April 20 to May 15. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the free play is the full version including the follow-up DLC. Players can experience all the contents of the game at one time, which is quite kind.