New stores welcome the new year

Beijing, China - February 4, 2021

In order to improve user experience and meet new expectations of consumers on PC ecology, Dell will upgrade Dell and aliennware retail stores in the main first and second tier cities in China this year. On February 4, as the first station of Huanxin, Dell and alinware international trade mall flagship stores officially opened, bringing rich products including XPS and alinware, providing customers with super pleasant purchase experience and full support services.

New stores welcome the new year

“Dell has always been focused on listening to customers, continuously using technology to lead industry innovation, providing consumers with refined and refined products and unparalleled shopping experience,” said Wang Lijun, senior vice president of Dell technology group and general manager of Dell China consumer and small enterprise business division. Welcome new and old customers to Dell and aliennware flagship stores to feel the technological charm of XPS and alenware family. “

New stores welcome the new year

Innovation drives the ultimate product to lead the ultimate experience

New stores welcome the new year

Innovation is Dell DNA, whether it is XPS or alinware products, which embodies uncompromising performance, top quality and persistent innovation spirit. The fully upgraded flagship store of international trade shows the ultimate performance and experience of Dell products in multiple dimensions.

New stores welcome the new year

XPS product area of the flagship store of international trade

New stores welcome the new year

XPS series for creation, including XPS 13, XPS 15, and XPS

New stores welcome the new year

17. It aims to create the dream solution for the creator, and meet the needs of creative workers and business elite groups in all aspects. New XPS

New stores welcome the new year

The 13 fuselage is made of a 6000 series aviation aluminum precision cutting and forging. The body has a larger hardness but lighter weight of only 1.27kg. It breaks the narrow edge record in the notebook field again, balancing the beauty and powerful performance of the design.

Aliennare ecological family

Rooted in science fiction culture, aliennware is constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of game players. The previous alenware case adopts bold design. Whether it is the initial fishbone style or the later triangle shape, and then the “prediction” design which represents the future introduced in 2019, it shows the creative spirit of aliennware breaking through the traditional limit at all costs and leading the development trend of game PC.

Immersive game experience area

The core area of the flagship store of international trade, alinware, shows the ultra light and fierce notebook aliennware M15, and the future PC alieware area-51m with strong desktop performance

And 55 inch 240Hz ultra high refresh rate 4K electric competitive display screen and other rich products. The robot arm will play the introduction video intelligently according to the product area of the customer, and match with the cool sky screen to create a 360 degree three-dimensional game experience environment for consumers.

Thanks to the innate gene of e-Competition and game culture, aliennware has been committed to working with the world’s top game alliance and e-Competition organizations, among which the most important partner is team

Liquid。 After Santa in the United States in 2018

Monica established the first aliennware training base, and the two sides established another European training base in Utrecht last year. This year is aliennware and team liquid

In the 10th year of our work, aliennware will continue to provide excellent technical support to team liquid in the future.

XPS physical blue light protection eye protection

With the deep integration of work, learning and life entertainment, people use computers for more time, and users pay more attention to eye health. The aliennware and XPS notebook products adopt the eye free physical blue light protection technology, which can protect the eyes of users and not compromise the professional and color.

Sustainable product design brings users health experience

Technology is very important to create renewable solutions. Dell always adheres to the concept of sustainable development, and constantly uses scientific and technological forces to innovate in product research, design and packaging, and supply chain, and to help the development of circular economy.

Mechanical wall made of Recycled PC parts

Dell has the world’s leading technology recovery business. As early as 2019, Dell recovered 950000 tons of electronic products, and achieved the 2020 recovery target in advance and over.

XPS takes the lead in sustainable design to achieve the ultimate

Sustainability is the starting point of Dell product design. Since 2015, Dell has developed a new technology for renewable carbon fiber by conducting experiments and benchmark tests on 200 different types of “carbon conversion” materials. By recovering non-woven carbon fiber fabric from the waste parts of aerospace industry, it not only saves cost, but also ensures the products are thinner without sacrificing durability.

Dell recently announced that by 2030, it will reuse or recycle equivalent products for each product purchased by customers; 100 will be packed with recycled or renewable materials; more than half of the product components will be made of recycled or renewable materials.

Top service all day to meet the needs of users

Dell XPS

And alinware products enjoy Dell’s top-level service for consumer PCs – 24×7 full support. The service is a comprehensive service support product of Dell based on AI technology. It not only includes hardware failure on-site support, accidental damage warranty, 24×7 all-weather telephone and wechat support, but also provides predictive service. It predicts hardware failure before the failure, and timely warns, and experts assist in virus detection and auxiliary optimization system and debugging games.

It is expected that Dell will also launch commissioning services based on the alien awcc quality control center, extended battery warranty, on-site installation services and hard disk non return.

Dell and alinware flagship store address: nl2030-2031, 2nd floor, North District, international trade mall, No.1 Jianguomen Street

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