“Night shadow man: Remaking” on April 15 to join 4K support

Developer nightlife studios announced that "night shadow man: Remake" will go on sale on April 15, landing in steam, Gog and epic stores. PS4, Xbox one and switch versions will be released later.

“Night shadow man” was launched on PC, PS, N64 and DC platforms in 1999. Players will play the role of “night shadow man” to fight against the dark forces in the world. Night shadow man will travel through the swamps of Louisiana, the back alleys of New York City, the dark and terrible places of death to protect world peace.

There are the following characteristics in “night shadow man: Remaking plate”:

·4K wide screen display

·Dynamic shadow mapping

·Dynamic pixel by pixel illumination

·Anti aliasing, and other post effects

·High density particle effects

·Exquisite illustrations, audio and settings

·Exquisite game experience

·Reintroduce the deleted parts of the original game

·HDR rendering