“Night watchman: long night” major update online, Leila is more beautiful and stronger

Last year, RPG, the hard core action, the night Watcher: long night, was officially released on steam and won the praise of many players. Today (February 4) the official announced that the night Watcher: long night will update the "hunting night" for free, adding new equipment and props, and comprehensively optimizing the existing content. Players can experience new content by simply updating the game.

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The map of night watchman: long night has been improved. The development team has also adjusted, improved and improved the game in all aspects, and improved the English localization of the game. Most importantly, the game’s “hunting night” update added more than 40 weapons and appearance items to the game, not only to make her stronger, but also to make her more beautiful. There are also new mission rewards that allow players to explore in the game.

Update content:

New: a lot of new items and equipment

Improvement: improved English localization of games

New: new weapon skills

Improvement: Monster drop mechanism

Map update: fixed icon errors and some problems with not showing hidden areas after partial exploration of maps

Number each gate

Adjustment: support other third-party handles except Xbox, switch, PS handle.

Update: NPC dialogue (mainly norder and some merchants)

Update: added name to map (added name to rooms in abandoned towns and flood areas)

Update: the tutorials that save the game progress and transfer are now shown separately.

Improvement: when the miners fail to rescue, they will remind players and display the miners’ bodies.

Repair: enchantment effects of fire and curse are now working.

Improved all of the actions of the Laya: reduce the movement distance caused by the normal attack. Remove the deceleration effect when landing after jumping. The third attack effect of air continuous strike with two hand weapons is improved. The trigger time of the continuous strike is changed to 0.25 seconds on the keyboard and 0.45 seconds on the handle.

Repair: the problem that the character will die immediately when the special operation is carried out with the bow and arrow while switching the scene.

Fix: some parts of the game fall and fall to death.

Fix: automatic save of game in owl statue will cause some monsters to repeat death animation.

Fix: bug in the thief’s wrist.

Repair: Hilda won’t disappear in the mill after the blood month.

Repair: the name of the lower entrance of the underground assembly will now be displayed correctly.

Repair: the gain effect of pavasi is now effective for all other magic.