“Ninja Turtle: Slade’s Revenge” announced the Qing action and supported the cooperation of four people

Ninja tortoise: Slade's revenge, a new work of Ninja tortoise, produced by the developer of distribute games and released by the developer of angry iron fist 4, has been officially released. The game is a horizontal action multiplayer type, and will be launched on PC and host platforms. Steam has been put on the shelves at present, and the release time has not been announced yet.

“Ninja Turtle: Slade’s Revenge” notice:

Steam shop address: I understand

Introduction to the game:

Ninja Turtle: Slade’s revenge is based on the classic elements and integrates the strike elements of iron fist of Wrath 4. The game contains gorgeous pixel art and strike sense, players can choose their favorite characters to defeat the enemy, each character has unique skills! You can choose your favorite character to fight, use combination skills to defeat your opponent, and experience fierce fighting and unique charm of tortoise. The game supports up to 4 players playing at the same time.

Players will be immersed in the new pixel art and retro Ninja tortoise atmosphere, so that you can go back to the 1980s. The characters, vehicles, weapons, objects and background of the game are inspired by the 1987 version of Ninja tortoise TV, which makes you feel like watching TV.

Game features:

Feel the atmosphere of the 1980s

Full color pixel art

The combination of classic and modern elements

Up to 4 players can play at the same time

Different characters have different characteristics

New story mode

Game screen: