Nintendo talks about switch life cycle: thinking about what to do next

Nintendo chief yasukugawa, who recently received a Japanese news interview, said he spent his daily anxiety. He said Nintendo never stopped research and development, even if it had only one day.

“When the cash host has entered the fifth year, it is a major issue for our company to see the hardware life cycle is growing. What should be done next is a major issue for our company,” Guchuan said. “Switch is stepping into the middle of the life cycle, and we have the ability to extend its life.”

Nintendo talks about switch life cycle: thinking about what to do next

Perhaps the interview outline was selected by Nintendo in advance, and this interview did not cover the recently widely reported “switch”

Pro “rumors. But Guchuan said the company has been working on R & D, and in order to work closely, the hardware and software team share an office building.

“We must not slack down in all kinds of preliminary research for new host. The decisive factor for whether the project will be successful is whether the product can bring new experience”, Guchuan said. “The hot selling degree of switch is beyond expectations, which is certainly very good, but I can’t calm at a moment. The mixed entertainment industry knows that no matter how popular before, it will be out of favor one day, and we see more things about the rapid decline of popularity.”

“In view of this, I and my colleagues will never assume that the current situation can be maintained, we must provide customers with a fresh sense, and remind myself that they may be cold faced at any time. I always have this crisis, and every year is the year of life and death.”

Judging from the grand narration of “new experience” and “fresh feeling” in ancient Sichuan, maybe “switch”

Pro is just part of the switch product line longevity plan – even if it comes out it doesn’t belong to a “novelty experience,” and new and exotic hosts have arranged.