“No one deep space” update “companion” online today, allowing players to adopt alien creatures

"Nobody deep space" today launched another update "companion", which allows players to raise alien creatures. Through the "taming, breeding and training" of alien creatures, we can achieve the effect of dialogue with them, which makes it easier for players to communicate with them.

“Companion” in no man’s deep space

Players can adopt and tame these creatures as their star exploration partners, and the trained creatures can help players complete tasks such as “resource scanning, danger identification, and treasure mining”. The progeny cells of trained aliens can be genetically modified to create rare species that can be sold to other travelers.

In addition to adding companions, this update will also improve the loading speed of PS4. Developer Hello games also said that this update is only a small part of the 2021 update, and there will be many plans this year.

Video screen: